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Pharma/OTC Medicines

IPOS has considerable experience and instrument resource for the development, validation and routine analysis of Pharma and medicinal products. All work is carried out within a GMP environment to provide surety as to the accuracy and reliability of the results generated and we pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer service.

As formulations become more complex and regulatory requirements become ever more stringent the requirement for highly selective and sensitive analysis has become of paramount importance. IPOS possesses the high-end instrumentation and expertise required to solve the vast majority of these analytical problems as well as carry out routine analysis.


IPOS has experience of working with companies operating in the healthcare sector on products ranging from sporicidal wipes to diagnostic wound dressings. Our know-how of working with complex sample matrices and analytical resource mean that we can meet the challenges posed by these sorts of samples.


IPOS works with a number of companies operating within the Agrochemical sector to analyse their products, determining active content, impurities and other parameters specified in the CIPAC methods. The broad range of analytical techniques used ensures requirements for the vast majority of sample analysis requests are met.

Regulatory Compliance

IPOS has a successful track record of working with companies to acquire the data required to meet regulatory requirements, such as the analytical data required for REACH registration. We work with a company specialising in assisting companies with REACH registration and other regulatory requirements and together we can offer companies everything required to ensure they are compliant with the necessary regulations.