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Other Techniques


We have a range of automated titration systems for the rapid, accurate and reliable titrimetric analysis of samples.

Particle Size Analysis

Our Malvern 2000 particle size analyser can be used for the determination of the particle size distribution of samples from 0.2 – 2000 m For smaller particles sizes we can use the Nanosight LM10 which has a working range from 10 – 2000 nm.

Water Content Analysis

We can carry out water content determination using Karl Fischer titration, coulometry and oven coulometry which allows us to cover ppm to high% water content range of a diverse range of sample types.

Surface Area and Porosimetry measurement

A Micromeritics ASAP2020 is available to measure the surface area, pore volume and pore size distribution of microporous and mesoporous solids by nitrogen adsorption e.g. BET surface areas.


We have a temperature controlled Malvern Kinexus Rotational Rheometer for the measurement of the rheological properties of materials.

Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS)

Surface Measurements Systems DVS Advantage is available for dynamic vapour sorption measurements – gravimetric measurement of the uptake (how much and at what rate) of a solvent by a sample (up to 60 °C).